How To Make Bobbleheads At Home?

If you want to make Bobbleheads at your home, it means you are crazy about custom bobbleheads, right? Yes, otherwise no one would like to know How To Make these at Home. So, in this article, we will discuss how easily you can make your own collection at your home.

How to Make Bobbleheads?

Making these toys at home is a somewhat easier task; it is also one of the hardest jobs that you have ever seen. It’s because it all depends on the skills that are required to make a more substantial and best bobblehead, and it all depends on your interests. If you love to make this, you will enjoy and create the best collection. So, let’s go deep How To Make Bobbleheads At Home.

Material Requirements:

Before you think you are ready, make sure you have enough Materials to make one collection. It requires a 20 gauge wire, marker pen, glue, water-bottle, and primary powder material or rice that you want to make the primary material of the body to make your Bobbleheads You need to have a scale, colors, hair, and other required materials to make it look good.

Procedure For Making Bobbleheads:

At first, you need to have a face for referencing your toys look. You can start with a marker pen or something that you can wrap the wire around it. It will be the base body for the toy you are making. Once the cord is wrapped, you can remove the reference used and stretch the wire until the length you want.

You can clean water-bottle and cut from the upper part of the bottle. That will be the place to attach ahead with the body. First, put your coil inside the water-bottle and add the powder material or rice. Now drawing face, neck, hands, legs, with the help of Colors and cut the foam in that shape.

For making your Custom Bobbleheads look good, you can add a pipe bent to one side for making a perfect place for placing the spring. You can attach your photos directly to the body or draw it for the face. In that bent pipe, add ahead with the help of spring that can wag its head. It was you can easily make this toy.


We tried to simplify the procedure to make Custom bobbleheads at your home. Otherwise, it’s a very confusing process. We hope this can help you make your own at your home, and it will help you make the best collections that you can ever make.

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