Plays For Apple Music Artists

If you are a musician that wants to sell your music to Apple Music then you need to know some good plays for Apple Music artists. Musicians want their music to be in a place where they can see their face on the screen. This is where a good artist plays comes in. So what kind of play can you offer to an Apple Music artist?

An artist on Apple can be basically any musician. It could be an acoustic musician, a singer or a drummer. They have to be professional musicians and know how to use an instrument. Visit here for more information about

The most common plays for Apple Music artists are to send them their video as a ‘player’. This is a great way to keep in touch with the artist as it allows them to see the look and feel of their own music on the screen.

You can also offer Apple Music artists a download of their videos and audio. Just make sure that you have the person’s permission to give them this type of service.

When it comes to iTunes offers you need to make sure that the Apple Music artist knows about it. Offer them an opportunity to be part of the feature or add a feature to their store.

Another great plays for Apple Music artists would be to allow them to post comments and promote their music. You will be surprised at the number of people that are willing to do this.

One of the best, great plays for Apple Music artists is to offer them a chance to get their song featured on the website. There are a number of companies that are willing to pay big money to have their song on the main page of Apple Music. You can also get more information about

Of course it should be mentioned that the great plays for Apple Music artist can only work if you also offer Apple Music a new song or two as well. It doesn’t make sense to give an artist a download of an existing song to try and get them to sign up for Apple Music. However, if you offer the Apple Music artist a whole new track they may be more receptive to signing up.

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