Canine Depression and Anxiety Due to Cannabidiol

While there are many different kinds of medications used to treat canine epilepsy, one of the newest is CBD oil for dogs. This natural remedy uses the same natural healing methods as it’s human counterpart and has proven to be a safe and effective alternative to traditional medications. Currently, there’s still no official research on exactly how CBD impacts dogs but what researchers do know is that CBD works with the nervous system’s endocannabinoids, which control brain function and maintain it in a balanced state. In a dog’s case, this means reducing the seizure symptoms that epilepsy causes. The idea behind CBD is that the same compounds found in marijuana act in the same manner as it does in humans, and they provide a safe, gentle alternative to pharmaceutical medications.

The good news is that CBD doesn’t interact with humans or animals in any way, so there are no known ill side effects for your pet. Also, the anti-seizure properties help prevent additional health issues for your pets, such as those associated with other forms of medication. However, we do recommend giving your dogs a dose of this plant extract every day, just like you’d give a dose to a person with a seizure disorder. It’s important to give your furry friends a high quality supplement since CBD can get metabolized in different ways in different pets. You can get more information about best cbd oil for dogs.

For example, your pet may have a high tolerance to CBD and experience minimal results when given a dose. Or, your dog may only experience a minor reaction and not notice any change at all. With this in mind, we recommend mixing a small amount of CBD with a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil, depending on your dog’s preferences. Apply the oil to the affected area twice daily and you’ll find that your dog experiences relief from pain caused by seizures or in pain from another source. At this point, we highly recommend that you consult a veterinarian to ensure that the dosage is appropriate and that you’re not imposing a harmful anti-inflammatory on your dog.

Some dogs have higher tolerance levels for CBD and will only need a very small dose of the supplement daily to obtain anti-inflammatory relief. These pets typically have a genetic predisposition to be more sensitive to the CBD than others, so they may take a little longer to notice the effect. However, most dogs will experience significant relief within the first week of treatment. A high quality supplement will provide the proper dosage and mix the right oils to maximize the benefits to your pet.

Our dogs are an exception to this rule, because many of our canine patients have had to deal with a form of seizures and are highly sensitive to CBD. In these cases, we recommend monitoring the dosage closely and mixing a small amount into a daily supplement for your pet. Our chiropractors are highly skilled at performing the necessary adjustments to maintain joint mobility and to minimize seizure activity when it is due to an underlying cause.

While CBD may not prevent future seizures or promote healing in severe cases, it does alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression in dogs. Our canine patients are able to reduce their anxiety and depressive symptoms when they are taking the recommended dosages of our comprehensive arthritis supplements. As a result, many dogs are able to lead happier and healthier lives. This is the real meaning of natural therapy. Our dogs are simply waiting to please us. Give them the chance today.

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