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Do you know that the male enhancement products that contain Viagra, Kamagra and other similar drugs has been used since the middle ages? There are a lot of different views about the drug, and the world of medicine in general has grown a lot since then. One of the major theories that was studied was why men want to have stronger erections, or why they want to increase their sexual stamina.

One theory that is very common and developed from previous studies is that women have a certain female libido that women tend to feel when they are sexually aroused, and some women will develop weaker erections during this time. This male enhancement drug works by increasing the amount of blood that goes into the penis, making it larger, and larger muscles will become more prominent. Men will be able to produce more semen, or more volume. In effect, they will have bigger, stronger erections, which will help with stamina during sex.

Another theory that has been researched was the idea that women were simply not as comfortable with stronger erections, or as much sex. It is known that women tend to take more time to reach orgasm, and this is the reason why men and women who use the male enhancement drugs tend to have more sex.

Another theory, from other studies, stated that the strength of the man’s erection was also related to his level of testosterone, and there was a direct relationship between the level of testosterone and the strength of the erections. In the end, the stronger the erection, the better the sexual performance. You can get also more information about Potenzmittel

Dr. Josef Cappelli, the leading researcher on the topic, is an expert in the field of endocrinology. He has spent a lot of time and money studying the male body, and the human sexuality.

The levels of the hormones are really important to the development of the male’s sexual activities. He has gone through a lot of research into the subject of the male body, and what causes what. This has lead him to develop many theories on why certain diseases and health conditions affect a man’s sexuality.

He believes that it is because of the effect of the Y chromosome, or the “male” chromosomes, and the fact that the Y chromosome is always stronger than the X chromosome. His studies concluded that the weak erections that men tend to experience are usually due to the Y chromosome being stronger than the X chromosome.

Male enhancement drugs have been used by men for years, but the market has grown as time went on. Many people have experienced an increase in sexual stamina, stronger erections, and an increase in the overall pleasure and enjoyment that they receive.

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