Top Five Fun Games For Girls to Play at Sleepover

It is always great to have a few fun games for girls at any party. Why not try the musical mania game? This game is designed for two players. You and a friend each get a sheet of paper and the person that finds the most musical notes wins. The first person to reach twenty notes takes the prize.

We love music and all young girls, and we especially love it when that music gets turned on in our little girls room. This is a great way for young girls to get physical exercise as well. If you have young girls over their young hood, consider these fun games for girls: Flag Reducer: This is a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. A good idea for an indoor game would be to have one of the guests play the fiddle while the others call out the notes and the winner is the one who hits the most notes.

Musical Wall: Use your white wall art or colored dry erase boards and start a new project by making a collage of pictures that have either rhinestones or glitter on them. Have the girls sit in a circle so that everyone can see their work. Divide them into teams and have each group create a princess or queen piece of art. Make sure there are no other projects above or below this one and that all of the pieces are of equal height. Allow the younger girls to take on the larger projects while the older girls to work on the smaller ones. As you work, remember to ask the little girls to identify which princess or queen they created. Click here for more information about 메이저놀이터.

Memory Cards: Have the children divide themselves into two teams and provide each with ten cards. Then divide the teams into three groups of four and allow them to develop a three-card memory pattern by visually recognizing as many cards as possible. This is a great fun game that encourages visual recognition of numbers.

Candy Crush Soda Challenge: This fun games for girls game comes in a cute package that includes a recipe book, a girly bottle opener and a girly measuring spoon. All of the ingredients can be found at any of the grocery stores in your area, including K-Mart, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and so on. To make this game more fun, the kids can divide themselves into two teams and make use of different containers and so on to create a greater level of difficulty.

Pillow Fight: This fun games for girls game is similar to the classic game called Pillow Fight but this time, the girls get to dress up as their favorite Disney character. In order to play the pillow fight, all the girls have to do is to put their head in a pillow and punch it. The objective of this game is to see who can score the most points by attacking their opponent with a pillow. Children can also play the classic version of the Pillow Fight by purchasing the specially designed pillow covers at the market.

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