What Are The Effects Of Steroids If A Person Treats Their Body Using High Dosage?

What are the effects of steroids? This is a question many people ask themselves when they hear about people using steroids for performance enhancement. Though the use of anabolic steroid can enhance one’s physical prowess, it can also lead to other problems. Anabolic steroids have been associated with cancers of the liver and heart as well as development of bone and joint conditions.

What are the possible effects of steroids if a person is taking steroids excessively? An individual who abuses anabolic steroids regularly may use them in cycles. They usually go on and off of anabolic steroids in attempts to avoid undesirable side effects from their medications. Although there may be short term benefits from high dose steroid use, there are long term dangers from taking steroids as well.

One of the effects of steroids is violent behavior. The use of anabolic hormones can lead to aggression, jealousy, mood swings and increased anger. Steroid abusers are often known to have beaten or killed members of their own family. Since the causes for violent behavior are not known, this symptom of an anabolic steroid addiction may go unnoticed until much later, when family members note that the person behaving differently has suddenly become very violent.

What are the effects of steroids if someone has an infection? Intense steroid use can lead to inflammation. When there is inflammation, bacteria may enter into the blood stream. With continued use, this can lead to serious health issues. Damage to the kidneys and liver, for example, can occur; and chronic inflammation may help promote the development of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

There are many other effects of steroids, although these are the most notable. Serious side effects of taking steroids are rare, but they do happen. Serious side effects may include an increase in the risk of heart disease, stroke and sudden death. Steroid abusers should consult their doctor if they are taking a high dose and notice symptoms of an allergic reaction such as a rash, hives or swelling. If a person develops an illness after beginning steroid therapy, the doctor will likely recommend that the person stop taking the medication. You can learn about testosterone cypionate for sale.

What are the effects of steroids if you use steroids often and you don’t take care of your body? It is possible to develop extreme illnesses such as Cushings Disease. Cushings Disease is a deficiency disease that can result in the loss of the eye. The disease occurs when there is a decrease in vitamin D levels in the body, which can also lead to osteoporosis in extreme cases.

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