Disney Games For Kids: Free Printable Disney Freebies

Every week Disney releases a new theme for you kids to follow with lots of great ideas for summer fun for kids like crafts, games, vacations, movies, technology and many other educational tools and recipes to make their favorite Disney characters and experiences even more fun. This week s main theme is Disney! Almost everyone enjoys all things Disney and so there are lots of fun things you can do using this theme.

One of the most popular kids’ summer activities with this theme is to build a Disney house. There are lots of great kits at local toy stores or online that have step by step instructions on how to set up your own Disney themed house with everything you need to create a magical place. You can also purchase Disney decor for around the house and even some fun furniture to place in the rooms. These decorations can be found in just about every color of the rainbow and are very decorative.

For another great summer activity pick one of the following Disney movie favorites and follow it with some cool decorating ideas: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tarzan, Lion, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story, The Lion King and Finding Nemo. These are all children’s fables with beautiful princesses and lovable animals as the main characters. There are even several board games you can play to enhance your party as well.

For a fun and creative project use the famous quote from the Disney movie Finding Nemo where Marlin said, “I’ve never been to Russia, but I want to go there.” Using this quote, you could make posters of your favorite characters of the Disney movies that include Marlin, Dory, and the other fish characters. You could then have these posters made into fish food and place them around the room or fridge. Or, you might choose to make a large display of all of the characters from the Finding Nemo movie and hang it up in the kitchen.

For another great idea for a Disney game for kids involve the characters from the Toy Story movie. Play a couple of versions of freeze tag and paper plate by filling a freezer with some water and putting a piece of string on top of the door that says “Freeze Tag”. Freeze the sheet and then Marlin will say, “Freeze! “, and put his arm over the door to keep it open.

Make a fun Slot Online game of tag by having the kids break up a balloon and whoever pops it gets to name the next character. Or you could play a variation of frozen tag where someone finds a frozen balloon and calls out, “TAG!” Then everybody finds a balloon that they can bounce on. To make this game more fun, give each player a piece of foil that has a face on it. The last person who pops their own balloon is deemed the winner.

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